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Welcome to SERVAS


Dear all Servas families,

I hope and wish that you all are doing well.

I am very happy to launch the publication of the e-newsletter at the upcoming Jalna monsoon gathering.

Thanks to Vijaybhai Bagadia who has invited some dignitaries for this publication.

I also wish to thank Ms. Hamnsavahini for taking on this task of creating the newsletter and wish her the best for this work.

Initially we will publish the newsletter quarterly for the Servas India news as well International Servas updates.

I am happy that the newsletter is being launched on the occasion of Servas International 69th week and in rememberance of the founder Bob as well as Servas India first national secretary: Mr. Harivallabh bhai Parikh.In Feb 2017 along with another executive members, I have taken charge from Mr. Pramodkumar as national secretary of Servas India.

From that period, with the help and support from you all, we are trying to take Servas forward by putting lot of efforts, communicating by e mails, phones, whats app messages and are receiving very good response from most of the Servas members to these efforts.

Today we are also launching our new web site with information about Servas India, how to join Servas and other things. We will reach out to the world through web site. 

I also wish to thank Ms. Rupali Memane for taking the initiative on this task of Developing the website and wish her the best for this work.

We are also making a well-organized credible Host List of Servas India members. It will be published in next few months. Mr. Ulhas Joshi working hard on this.We are in regular contact with International Servas office bearers. Once we finalize our India Host List, it will be added online to Servas International through our Coordinator Hiren Bhai Goradia.  

 At the Karwar conference after the unanimous suggestions by members, we, the executive committee decided to make all our members  responsive and responsible to Indian Servas as well as to the International Servas community.  We took into consideration suggestions from the members and the exco decided to keep the continuation membership charges to be very minimal.

 I am very happy to announce that most of the people are very positive, encouraging and have paid their continuation fees.

 There are many international Servas events taking place all over the world.

Recently, some have taken part in Indonesian meeting, few went to China, some of them recently came from Rawanda having had amazing experiences. Some of the members are visiting Israel for Servas meeting.

 We may also be planning an international art work shop in the near future, with the initiative of our artist member Mr. Ravi Verma.

 International servas community is working for connecting people, they have many initiatives in which we can take part. And all of us are responding positively in taking this meaningful work forward in a creative way.

 Together we can make change happen!

 With best wishes and peace,

 Abhay Shaha

National Secretary, Servas India